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    Pulp Fiction (not the movie) originated during the first half of the 20th century because the magazines were printed on cheap "pulp" paper. Featuring diverting fiction for the general entertainment of large audiences, the pulp fiction era provided an environment for creative talent that influenced all forms of entertainment for decades to come. The 21st Century Pulps features a different class of creative writing with short stories and poetry submitted by Indie Authors of the 21st Century. Just as many authors got their start in the pulp magazines before becoming great writers, such as Ray Bradbury, for example, there are multitudes of current Indie authors, less well-known today, that have another chance to form popular fiction.New details have emerged from today’s social, technological, and historical developments that make the stories found in 21st Century Pulps the new era reading entertainment with stories that continue to offer action-packed adventure, lively or thought-provoking heroes and heroines that promotes lead female characters and multi-cultural stories of global diversity in today’s world. Enjoy your exploration into this vast world of 21st Century Pulps fiction!

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    Scott Allan Meehan is an American educator, advocate, and author of non-fiction and fiction. With a military theme, his genres range from supernatural, science fiction to suspense, romance, and fantasy, each with a soul-searching spiritual element of truth. Meehan has published six novels, one non-fiction book, and three short stories. His parents decided to become missionaries in 1966, which started his diverse cultural experiences living through seven states, four countries, and thirteen different schools. He joined the U.S. Army in 1980 as an enlisted private and retired twenty-five years later in 2005 as a Major. He deployed to Operation Desert Storm (1991) and did three tours to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) (2003-2004), (2005), (2006-2007). Throughout his career, Meehan remains devoted to family, Christ, and God's word. Meehan graduated from Southeastern University in 1989 and completed ROTC at Florida Southern the same year. He received a MA Degree in Computer Resources and Information Management in 2000 and a MBA degree in Business Administration in 2017. In 2009, Meehan self-published his first book, Prince of Babylon, which he co-authored with Robb Hawks. Two years later in 2011, he self-published his first solo book, an autobiography, Stone In A Sling: A Soldier's Journey. The following year, he re-published Stone In A Sling and his first novel, Eternal Eye through iUniverse (2012). More novels soon followed, including Love in the House of War (2013), Flame in Paradise (2014), and Millennial Girl (2015). Eternal Eye, now self-published as Duty Recall, is a time travel novella where a lone surviving military officer of a downed C-5 in Iraq returns to 1991 to find everything moving on the same course as he previously remembered. Faced with the risk of altering the course of history and self-implication, he tries to prevent the Oklahoma City bombing.