Alexia Bartholomew is a unique half-city, half-country individual from Los Angeles, California and currently residing in San Antonio, Texas. She is a twin with a twin brother that includes two sisters and a younger with plenty of nieces and nephews. In her unique journey of life, she has served her country in the United States Army for seven years, visited places like Alaska, Iraq, Kuwait and even England. Despite setbacks, traumas, mistakes, heartbreaks and disappointments, she has been able to press through all that to not just write poems like “I Am Eagle, Watch Me Soar and I Can Never Say That God Stopped Loving Me”, but also was able to get her Associate Degree in General Studies at age 35 and her Bachelor Degree in Applied Science at age 39. When she is not writing books or poems, she is trying different foods from different cultures like India, China, Jamaica and the United States (except pig feet). Alexia likes to travel domestic and abroad and would even take road trips from the west coast to the east coast. “Father, Give Me The Heart” is her first self-published book and is looking forward to writing her next book. Her book is currently available on and her poems can be checked out on social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and be can be reached on Facebook and on email at

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Father, Give Me The Heart
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SynopsisFather, Give Me The Heart is a tool that will challenge people to do things from the heart. From my own personal experience, I have done things - but it was not always from the heart like going to church and forgiving people. This tool composes of prayers, scriptures and the reason behind that prayer. This tool will help you do things from the heart like forgiving others, humbling yourself and trusting God. My cry for the reader is to have their heart changed in such a way, that it...

Youre Not The Only One... that has been hurt, violated, abused and has Overcome
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SynopsisHave you ever wondered why it seemed you're getting the bad end of the stick? It seems people around you are getting blessed while you are in a constant place of suffering. There are times you start to feel that you are the only one that is going through. Well I'm here to tell you that you are not not only one that has felt like that but you are not the only one that has been through some things. You're Not The Only One is a story of personal experiences that Alexia has been through....