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    Updated version as of August 1, 2020

    Ever wonder how many books you have to sell to be profitable?

    B Alan Bourgeois has worked with thousands of authors since 2011 helping them to learn how to better market and sell their books. In the Authors Revolution Workbook, authors have access to a spreadsheet to show the true cost of being a published author. Lots of tips and tricks to help find ways to market their books through events and programs that will help them to save money, and time.

    Join the thousands of authors who keep this book handy to use as a reference tool every time they are ready to publish a new book. Get your copy of this helpful guide today.


    What forms are publishing are available for authors?




    What Does it take to get a Book Published?

    What is the Cost of Selling Your Books?

    What are the Hidden Costs of Being an Author?

    It’s Published Now What?


    You Know the Cost Now What?

    Author Errors


    The Future of Books

    The Hidden Cost of Being an Author


    The following pages contain business and organizations with

    products and tools to help you get published and market

    your book.

    Writers Community

    Authors Community

    Book Reviewers

    Book Contests

    Book Festivals

    Marketing Support

    Social Media Graphics

    Social Media Posting Programs

    Free Marketing Tools

    Paid Marketing Tools

    Bookstore Options

    Radio Shows

    Supporting Nonprofits

    Publishing Options

    Audio Book Options

    Film Options

    Stay Away From Companies

    Worth reading 😎

    This workbook has useful worksheets and resources to help the potential author get a realistic idea of what publishing means.

    My reaction towards this book was mixed. There were excellent bits of information for authors that help them look at the publishing dream realistically. The graphics were also very useful as visual representations of that reality. The Cost of Publishing Worksheets were worthwhile additions. Using them, an author could compare his or her costs to the average amounts spent by authors in the creation, publishing and marketing areas. Becoming a successful published author isn’t an overnight event as the uninitiated might believe.

    The companies and organizations that were listed under different headings were also practical resources. Each company or feature was classified by average price and services offered. There were listings for places to have your book reviewed, marketing and publishing companies, and useful social media tools. There was even a section on companies to avoid.

    You may ask, with all these beneficial guides included, why have I not given this a five-star rating? That’s a fair question. Yes, the workbook contained great resources for authors. However, I didn’t feel that it was enough for the workbook to stand on its own. In fact, the workbook would have done better to be included as an appendix in the main book.

    There was also inconsistent capitalization throughout the text, as if headings had been copied and pasted from another source. Then there were an overwhelming number of blank pages. There were no exercises to complete or self-reflective questions to respond to as might be expected in a workbook with lots of space to respond. In fact, the only work in this workbook were the The Cost of Publishing Worksheets and a question about your book’s launch date.

    Finally, there was a second author bio included at the end of the book. The first bio was shorter and placed at the beginning of the workbook so readers had a general idea who the author was and why he was qualified to bring us this workbook. However, a second author bio which said pretty much the same thing was really unnecessary.

    So even though I found much of the information in Authors’ Revolution Workbook by B. Alan Bourgeois useful, I find myself unable to justify its existence apart from the main book, which I have not read.

    Reviewed by

    C.E. Flores

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    North Texas

    Authors' Revolution

    This a must read for anyone who wants to write a book and get it published. Authors' Revolution takes the author through the process of the publishing world and what can be expected along the journey. Most author's write a book, than what? Publishing is the name of the game, knowing the pitfalls and cost along the way, gives you a head start to being a successful published author. Authors' Revolution is the book to read. I definitely give this book 5 stars. *****

    Austin TX

    More Info then I Expected

    This book has a great deal of valuable information that every author I know should have and use. The author is eager to share his information knowing that it may cost him more in the long run by giving it away in a book. But I am grateful that he does just that. The knowledge one receives is great, and the discounts he has arranged is and added bonus.