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The B4R Store is a division of Indie Lector, LLC,.

We have created this store with one goal in mind - to help Indie Authors make more money from their book sales. There are three participation options from which to choose, listed below:

Option 1 – Author/Company Fulfillment

With this option, the author and or company agrees to fulfill each order within 24-48 hours of receipt of the order and provide proof of shipment prior to payment to the Author/Company in exchange for receiving up to 80% commission from the sold price, plus a shipping fee from Indie Lector. The percentage is based on how much interaction and promotion the author/company demonstrates toward this store. A special 10% bonus may be paid out to the authors who go above and beyond promotion of selling their books on this site.

Option 2 – Indie Lector Consignment

With this option, the author and or company wants Indie Lector to fulfill the order in a timely fashion in exchange for receiving a 60% commission from the sold price. This option is perfect for authors listed in the CreateSpace/KDP Select program. The author will be required to have no less than two books in our warehouse at the time of registration, to sell on this site.

Option 3 – Indie Lector/Ingram Fulfillment

With this option, the author and or company wants Indie Lector to fulfill the order in a timely fashion through Ingram (Lightning Source). This means the author/company will not receive any royalty payments directly from Indie Lector for books and related items sold. ALL Books sold through this option must be listed in Ingram for purchase.

With Option 1 & 2, additional marketing materials and promotion are provided to help increase opportunities for book sales through the Indie Lector Store.

We are a membership based organization that is open to any indie author or small press.   This fee is used to help promote the author and give them tools to better market and sell their books on the website. The annual fee is non-refundable. Once the author is added to the site, they must continue to pay the annual fee or sell at least 100 total copies of any or all their titles. For any author who sells 100 copies of their books through the Indie Lector Store, the fee is waived. A sale that counts toward the 00 must be an actual paid 1transaction. Free books, gift orders and similar type of sales do not count towards the 500 sales count.

To participate in our store, begin by submitting the Registration form and determine which of the three options you would like to participate in. Once you have selected the option, please make your payment. We will contact you to verify the information and to access additional information needed to have your books added to our system.

Here is a link to watch a short video on the process of getting listed in the B4R bookstore:

For Indie Authors please click here to begin the membership application

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@IndieLector.Store

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