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    "First Impressions are critical and made in a few seconds"
    Instantly command respect, inspire trust, and project personal power─ whether you are dressing up or down, for business or social occasions. The 21st Century 'Dress for Success' style guide for men and women. Truly empower yourself and your career. Explore the silent, but potent, nonverbal aspects of clothing, demeanor, and body language. Whether you want look cool or chic, or, to have a curated closet or a capsule wardrobe, Casual Power reveals the clothing and communications secrets that you need to know. Over 200 photographs, plus case studies, to help you curate your closet and dress easily, every day. An internationally acknowledged expert in nonverbal communication, Sherry has made multiple appearances on NBC's Today, ABC, Fox, and NPR. She has been featured in USA Today, Financial Times , Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, InStyle, and BusinessWeek. "Sherry knows what she is talking about and she has the power to bring out the best in you." ─ Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad, Poor Dad, NYT, BusinessWeek, WSJ, and USA Today Best-Selling Business Book. Do you know:

    • What are you saying before you speak a word?
    • What first impression do you project?
    • Does your nonverbal communication limit your effectiveness and your success?

    Truly empower yourself and your career. In this enlightening guidebook, nonverbal communication expert, Sherry Maysonave, shows you precisely how to command respect, inspire trust, and project personal power─ whether you are dressing up or down, for business or social occasions. She explores the silent, but potent , nonverbal aspects of clothing, demeanor, and body language. Sherry reveals how nonverbal factors determine the response you receive from others─ factors that impact job interviews, your career, and your ability to maximize success. She puts an end to the confusion that surrounds casual, traditional, and formal attire in the workplace and for social invitations.
    Using fascinating case studies and real-life situations, Sherry shows you exactly what apparel and what nonverbal communications can either sabotage or empower you and your career goals. Casual Power reveals the clothing and communications secrets that you need to know. Sherry gives you key strategies for powering up your nonverbal communication and for taking control of your image. Using her expert tips, you can dress up or down with flair and confidence. Sherry's painless shopping strategies show you how to quickly examine clothing store inventories to find those garments that are empowering to you. Her secrets on creating wardrobe miracles are refreshing and exciting.
    Sherry Maysonave brings needed clarity, sophistication, and wit to all dress-down issues in today's workplace. This inspiring, humorous, visually-rich book is the 21st Century's "How-To-Dress-Down-For-Success" bible. Visit the Casual Power website and discover how to enhance your personal power even more!


    "An insightful and fresh look at the art of communicating."

    - Peggy Hubble, Director Christian-Hubble Media & Communications, former Director of Media Relations, NBC News and PBS

    Casual Power goes straight to the heart of the relationship between clothing and empowerment. A lot can be learned from this wise and useful book. A classic." - Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, Professor, Business Consultant, and Editor, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth

    "Casual Power shows you how to communicate your very best- Sherry's understanding of nonverbal communication is outstanding. Now everyone can enjoy her gift of understanding that visual communication is critically important to what we communicate."- Dean Ellen A. Wartella, Dean of the College of Communication, The University of Texas, Austin

    I participated in a national competition with five thousandcontenders when I applied for a position advertised in the Wall Street Journal.The job involved leading banking acquisition seminars and requiredinternational travel. I made the first cut, down to five hundred people. Atthis point I was told that even though my skills were excellent, I did not havethe desired look to represent this company on a worldwide basis. To stay in therunning, I hired Sherry Maysonave to overhaul my image. She knew exactly what Ineeded. In the end, two other finalists and I were invited for a weekend inFlorida. We were told to dress in BusinessCasual attire for most of the events. Thanks to Sherry, I knew what that meantand had several empowering Business Casual outfits from our shopping. I got the job, my dream job, due in largepart to Sherry's expertise.
    ─ David Shepherd, Business Consultant, SanDiego, CA