I write great stories about good people caught in difficult times. I specialize in mysteries, thrillers, and write the longest running continuous serial fiction, Denver Cereal. I write a number of series including the Alex the Fey thrillers, Abee Normal; paranormal investigations; the Seth and Ava mysteries; as well as the stand alone novels, the Queen of Cool and Suffer a Witch. I am the founder of the Everyday Kindness project and Women and Fiction.

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SynopsisDead or Alive, everyone likes Abee Normal “My name is Abee Talent Normal. I live in the forest just outside of town in that house you thought was haunted.” Abee Normal gives up her dream of going to Princeton in order to stay home and care for her mother, Joanna, who has Multiple Sclerosis. Abee and her great-great-or-something-like-that-grandmother, Ma'am, travel around the United States investigating paranormal phenomena. Abee Normal is bright, funny, and hugely likeable. Her Ma'am...