Dr. Nicholas J. Nissen, M.D. is an American physician, speaker, and writer. He is the author of The Physician’s Guide, a book on medical school admissions for pre-medical students. He presents on topics spanning medical school admissions to physical health, mental health, and novel approaches in the field of psychiatry. He and his wife live in Boston, Massachusetts.

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SynopsisIn this entertaining story, Emily Empathy teaches kids to practice the art of empathy by noticing hints in the behaviors of others to learn what they are thinking and feeling.Written by a physician, Emily Empathy's story is designed to be read with young children and toddlers to develop their emotional intelligence. This book includes a catchy, rhyming story and empathy-building exercises so children can practice identifying emotions and providing support to those who are feeling down....

The Physicians Guide
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SynopsisCombining the experience of an Ivy-League-trained physician with the insight of a former Assistant Dean of Medical School Admissions, The Physician's Guide is the modern guide to pre-med success. From high school to college to gap years, The Physician's Guide will detail proven strategies to succeed and thrive as a pre-medical student. This book discusses the critical topics, like MCAT prep, personal statement writing, and performing well in admissions interviews. However, it also...