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Classroom Management by Rmj: A Step-By-Step Comprehensive Approach - Epub
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SynopsisGeared toward high school Career and Technology or Vocational teachers, this book also provides training for any middle or high school teacher to effectively manage students, the classroom, and manage time as a teacher. This process gets the whole class involved to work together smoothly as a company does with its employees. It encourages teachers to be more of a class facilitator than an ordinary teacher. After all, what is the end goal of every student: Find and maintain a prosperous...

My Favorite Book - ePub
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SynopsisThis book is a scrapbook of your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any preschooler in your care. It is designed to encourage preschoolers to read. By making preschoolers the stars of the book, it will encourage preschoolers to read it, or have it read to them. This book is designed to teach preschoolers to recognize the alphabet, colors, the numbers 1- 20, rhyming words, food items, and animals. The book even has a section that teaches proper hand washing to prevent the spread of...