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Its Too Windy! Children,  Patty York Raymond, Edinburg,, Indie Lector, LLC, Authors, Authors Marketing International, marketing, international, books, reading, writing, contest, short story, author owned, indie, independent, bookstore, store
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Synopsis It's TooWindy! is about family and how establishing long lasting traditions leads to developing close family ties that last a lifetime. Hooray! Yeah! Yippee! Yahoo! Jessica and David can't wait to swim in the grandparents' pool. But how long will they have to wait? It's Too Windy is accompanied by a music CD, 'That's What My Grandma Said' that creatively involves the children in the sequencing of the story. Find the original song 'That's What My Grandma Said' written for this book by...

My Brother, The Skyscraper!
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My Brother, The Skyscraper! is a children's book that explores the relationship of two brothers. A younger brother shares his admiration for his older brother while conversing with his classmate Lois. This book incorporates the use of landmarks, measurement concepts, figurative language, organizational patterns such as compare and contrast, text features, and a conversation or dialogue between two classmates. You will receive historical facts throughout their conversation. This book will...