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    Florence Flies Alone: An Alliterative Airline Adventure follows the adventures of Florence, a vivacious and outgoing nine-year-old, who is flying by herself for the first time. Her story includes the funny and sometimes thought-provoking experiences that happen on her trip to see her father. Forced to problem solve during the flight, she reflects on what she needs to do. The story is loaded with alliterative phrases and rhyme, making it not only educational, but a humorous read. At the end, Florence is pleased with herself and seems to stand a bit taller. Children who have flown before will be able to relate to Florence. Children who have not flown before will learn about airline terminals and the inside of an airplane. Florence Flies Alone is a children's adventure that really soars! Suzanne Gene Courtney lives in Monroe, Michigan. "Remembering the funny things that have happened to me or my children when traveling alone motivated me to write this book. My two grown children live in Austin, and I wanted to include a little Texas culture. As a former elementary teacher, I know the frustrations and challenges involved in the teaching of reading and writing, so I included a lot of alliteration to be used as examples in the classroom." Publisher's website:


    Florence Flies Alone: An Alliterative Airline Adventure
    Suzanne Gene Courtney
    Strategic Book Publishing (2013)
    ISBN 9781622129027
    Reviewed by Cayden Aures
    (age 8) for Reader Views (9/13)

    "Florence Flies Alone: An Alliterative Airline Adventure" by Suzanne Gene Courtney is about an almost 10-year-old girl who goes on an airplane by herself to fly down to Texas to visit her father. On her plane ride, she runs into a lot of different things. It isn't just your plain old plane ride.
    My favorite part of the story is when she opens her bag of peanuts and they go flying everywhere. They are in people's hair and the people don't even know. Then, a baby eats the peanuts out of his grandpa's hair. That was funny. There were a lot of other funny parts in the book too.
    She has a really interesting plane ride. I liked reading about the different things that happened to her on the trip. I really liked the end of the book but don't want to tell about it because that will give the ending away.
    I have never flown on a plane by myself and I don't know if I ever want to after reading this book! "Florence Flies Alone: An Alliterative Airline Adventure" by Suzanne Gene Courtney was very funny though. The pictures in the book look like they were colored with crayons. My favorite picture is the one of the cowboy boots and hats.

    Book Review: Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Readers' Favorite, 03/09/2017 What is it like for a nine-year-old girl to fly across the States all by herself for the first time? What kind of adventures can one kid have flying solo? Florence Flies Alone (An Alliterative Airline Adventure) by Suzanne Gene Courtney is a fun children's adventure story about a young girl traveling to Texas to spend her birthday with her father. Florence is almost ten. She will be spending her birthday in Texas with her dad. Only, Florence will have to ride a plane by herself to get there. Although Florence has had experience in airplanes before, this will be the first time she will be going on one alone. At first, she is a little apprehensive. But, as the plane takes off, Florence is confident that she will be okay. After all, what can happen on an airplane anyway? Florence Flies Alone (An Alliterative Airline Adventure) by Suzanne Gene Courtney is a beautifully illustrated story. The mishaps that Florence experiences keep the reader well entertained while enhancing their problem-solving skills. I loved the various incidents that happened to the main character while she travels to Texas. With other interesting characters thrown into the colorful mix, including a non-English speaking passenger and a boy with a chip on his shoulder, this story is an amusing read. I liked how the author subtly educates the reader in the inner workings of an airplane and what a passenger can expect on a solo flight. Even an airplane ride can be a great adventure! I laughed at Teddy's bathroom mishap. This story is cute, but has so much more than meets the eye. I would suggest this book for children who are interested in flying or are about to take their own airplane adventure.

    Florence Flies Alone received an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Great Southwest Book Festival.