Gary Errigo grew up in an Italian American family in the Metro Detroit area. He is 66 years old and has been playing guitar since he was 11 years old. He credits his initial desire to play guitar to Sunday February 9, 1964 at 8PM, as he witnessed the Beatles debut appearance on American TV on the Ed Sullivan Show. He played in several bands throughout his young teens and into his early twenties.

He put it all aside for college, his career, marriage and raising a family. Twelve years ago (2008), he rekindled his love for playing music and started a band, “Jack Rabbit Slim”. The band played “Classic Rock” from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s in multiple clubs throughout the Detroit area for 5 years. Errigo began to write his own songs shortly after the band broke up and plays solo acoustic shows in restaurants and bars. He continues with the classic rock theme focusing more on easy listening softer rock with a spattering of his own original compositions.

His recent Album CD release called “Legacy” is a compilation of 11 original songs which he calls “Songs about Life” or as Stevie Wonder so eloquently coined the phrase “Songs in the Key of Life”.

Gary works as a physician assistant in a family practice. He finds his song - writing inspirations through his daily life experiences; interacting with family, friends and patients. He sings about birth, death, love, aging and growing old. He is a “teller of tales”. His songs are stories about relationships, good times, bad times, celebrations, grieving, thankfulness and life’s circumstances.

He is inspired by the styles of Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Cat Stevens, James Taylor. Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Elton John, James T.W. He coins his personal style as “Blues-Rock-Ditty- Kinda Country.

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The full CD is available to download on this site. You may purchase individual songs, please click on your favorite system to download individual songs. Legacy by Gary Errigo “Legacy” is the first album offered by Gary Errigo. He is a singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. This album is a compilation of all original songs written, produced, and performed by the artist. All instruments and vocals including harmonies were performed by Gary, laid down on multiple tracks, and professionally...