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Hi. My name is Gary.

My story began with mixed messages, childhood sexual abuse, and numerous other losses. When my life began to unravel as a teen, another family took me in and changed the trajectory of my life. My healing journey began.

Eager to help others heal and grow, my heart turned outward. Over the next three decades, I served as a campus minister, a missionary in Japan, an entrepreneur in Hawaii, and a pastor. I'm currently work as a writer, speaker, and hospice chaplain.

After walking through deep valleys with thousands of people, I can say the following with confidence:

We've all been wounded

Healing isn't for sissies

We’re all designed for impact

The world needs us

We must heal

I'm here to help. I'm no guru or master of anything. I'm a fellow struggler. I still bear the scars of my wounds. I grieve, get anxious, worry, and battle fear regularly. But I'm healing, and I'm growing.

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Comfort for Grieving Hearts
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Synopsis"Compassionate. Comforting. Readers will see themselves on every page." - Paul Casale, Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage & Family TherapistLoss is painful. Separation hurts. We need comfort.Oblivious to our suffering, the world around us speeds on as if nothing happened. Stunned, shocked, sad, confused, and angry, we blink in disbelief. The pain can be immense. We look for comfort. We long for it. Grieving hearts need it to survive. Multiple award-winning author, hospice...

Heartbroken: Healing from the Loss of a Spouse
Price: $12.71
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Item #: 978-1950382019 -

Synopsis Best Book Awards Finalist and National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist"Roe nicely describes the emotions surviving spouses feel." - Cecil Murphey, widower, NY TimesBestselling author of more than 130 booksHe was your love. She was your partner. Now your heart is broken.What do you do with all the pain, confusion, and anger? What will life be like? Who are you now? Your heart needs answers. Heartbroken can help. Award-winning author, speaker, grief counselor and bereavement specialist...

Living on the Edge
Price: $3.99
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Item #: 978-1950382071 -

Synopsis"No one is beyond repair. Anyone can heal. Everyone can make a difference. These are the messages we all need to hear." - Paul Casale, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage & Family TherapistWe're all living on the edge.Life is tough. Bad things happen. To us. To those we love and care about.We wonder what's coming next. We're scared, anxious, angry, and sad.We try, but never feel good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough. We wear masks. We try to fit in. We live lies.We're...

Not Quite Healed: 40 Truths for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Price: $16.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 978-0825442704 -

SynopsisHow are sexual abuse survivors to overcome the challenges they are sure to face? Finding strength in community with other survivors is one key to recovery. In Not Quite Healed, two survivors join forces to share insight and encouragement on the issues that challenge them most. After a candid discussion about each issue, the authors provide a self-affirming statement that men can study, memorize, and recite on their darkest days. ...

Please Be Patient, Im Grieving
Price: $8.97
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Item #: 978-1530713042 -

SynopsisPlease Be Patient, I'm Grieving is a Best Book Awards Finalist "After my wife died, I wish I'd had copies of this book to pass on to my friends. They meant well; that didn't make them helpful. Many will benefit from this easy-to-read book." -Cecil Murphey, New York Times bestselling author of more than 130 books Loss hurts. It's tough to go through, and painful to watch.Do you know someone who's grieving and wish you could help?Are you the one grieving and wonder if what you're going...

Saying Goodbye: Facing the Loss of a Loved One
Price: $10.99
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Item #: 978-0736950596 -

Synopsis Facing the imminent death of a loved one can be a difficult and oftentimes painful experience. To help, well-known author Cecil Murphey and hospice chaplain Gary Roe share what they've learned from their personal and professional grief and healing experiences: how to forgive past mistakes--both one's own and the loved one's--affirm the life of the one passing, and give that one permission to let go of this life. Michal Sparks' serene illustrations add a soothing touch to this...

Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child
Price: $14.97
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Item #: 978-1542596169 -

Synopsis"A truly healing book." - Glen Lord, President, The Compassionate FriendsUnthinkable. Unbelievable. Heartbreaking. Whatever words we choose, they all fall far short of the reality. The loss of a child is a terrible thing.Accidents. Disease. Suicide. School shootings. Murder. Natural disasters. War. No matter how or when, the death of a child (no matter what age) can shatter the heart.How do you survive this? Can you?Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child was written to...

Surviving the Holidays Without You: Navigating Grief During Special Seasons
Price: $9.97
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Item #: 978-1950382040 -

Synopsis BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD FINALIST "A powerful, life-changing resource."- Athena Dean-Holt, Radio Personality and Publisher, Redemption PressHolidays can hurt.Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Memorial Day, etc. These times surface our losses like nothing else. We're keenly aware of who's missing. We bump into a memory with every step.How do we do this?Multiple award-winning author, speaker, and grief specialist Gary Roe is a compassionate and trusted voice in grief...

Teen Grief
Price: $13.49
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Item #: 978-1977730411 -

SynopsisWinner, 2018 Book Excellence Award"An invaluable resource for parents, teachers, coaches, ministers, and anyone who has a teenager they love and want to help." - Glen Lord, President, Board of Directors, The Compassionate FriendsTeens are hurting. While trying to make sense of an increasingly confusing and troubled world, teens get hit, again and again, with moves, separations, divorces, rejections, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, illness, disability, and death. Add...