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Inn the Spirit of Competition: Spirits of Texas Cozy Mysteries
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Synopsis“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Hannah Duncan ignored the old adage, and now there’s a would-be killer in town. Hannah considers fishing a peaceful, relaxing sport… until she hosts the 23rd annual Trifishlon at The Spirits of Texas Inn. On the first day of the three-phase fishing tournament, she discovers nothing can be further from the truth! It was her bright idea to up the ante: this year’s grand champion would take home $10,000 and become the official spokesperson for Luckenbach...

Whispers On The Wind
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Synopsis: You didn’t stop him. He killed her. Dire warnings from a voice only he can hear makes Sheriff Cooper Delaney doubt his sanity. When a body is found matching one from a recent nightmare, he believes he’s gone off the deep end. The dead do not talk to the living. Or do they? One body becomes two. Are there more?