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    HARRY THE CAMEL will surely pull on the heart strings of readers as he pines for a life he can never have. Harry lives in the sand dunes of Dubai, and he often watches from a distance as the beautifully sleek race horses at the track run their laps. He laments that his back isn’t as smooth as theirs and wonders how much faster he could run without his bulky old hump. As he dreams of the possibilities, Dover the bird swoops in and teases him about his hump, making him feel even worse about how he looks. As he makes his way sadly home he happens upon a little boy named Omar. Harry learns that Omar is lost. Who better than a camel to lead a lost boy out of the desert? In the end, Harry discovers there is nothing better than being yourself and, for the first time, Harry is proud to be a camel.


    As an author and mother, one of my favorite things to do with my children is read to them and we all loved the story of Harry The Camel.’

    Karen Osman, author

    “A heart-warming, beautifully illustrated story with a powerful message of recognizing self-worth. It shows that it’s okay to be different and that we must accept our unique qualities because we are all special in our own ways.”

    Nosheen Saba Khan, librarian, Kings’ School, UAE

    “A beautiful, poignant story, Harry the Camel has the same thoughts that so many have when comparing themselves with others. The text and images weave together to teach a valuable lesson that each person has their own special qualities. It is only when we see this uniqueness that we begin to appreciate the rich diversity in our world today.”

    Lorraine Taylor, author, Be BrandYou

    With a mixture of browns and blues and various other hues to compliment the neatly designed illustrations, the lighthearted and tender story, Harry The Camel, evokes the often-thought provoking question, “Am I good enough.”

    Self-acceptance is a reality that people grapple with. Finding support and encouragement along the path of life can be rewarding and motivating, yet sometimes it is our own insecurities that cause self-inflicting feelings of isolation and rejection.

    Like Harry The Camel, embracing our own uniqueness is a quality to behold, being grateful and proud, makes life more meaningful with both new friends and old.

    Jill O. Patrick, author