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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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B4R is now offering an NFT service program to help you take advantage of the NFT market. Through this program, we will work with the author to create an NFT fitting their book cover, arrange for the minting of the NFT, and make it available for sale to the NFT market. There is NO upfront cost in this program, so authors can take advantage of the NFT market in a more cost-effective way. B4R will take 10% of the income from the original sale and resale of the NFT. The original sale price will be established by the author, while the resale price will be established by the marketplace.

The NFT that is created will also include an eBook of the book cover being sold, which will be attached to the B4R bookstore. This will help spur increased income for the author by marketing the other books available by the author on the B4R system. Thus, if the author has selected the Option 1 choice, then the author will be able to earn up to 80% of the book sales.

By partnering with B4R for this program, the author gets increased income opportunities, and increased marketing opportunities, and best of all, the author has NO out-of-pocket expenses to create the NFT and to sell it. A win-win for any author looking to expand their market share and increase their opportunities to succeed!


Sample NFTs B4R has created for authors: