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Dear Diary
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A seven-year-old girl records the sudden death of her beloved older brother by writing her personal feelings in her diary. In her own innocent way, she tells about being able to see him when no one else can. She embraces this ability and is not afraid.Throughout this tender book, the little girl relates her experiences in feeling her brother's nearness, even when she cannot see him anymore. In her own trusting way, she knows that everything will be all right, and through her honest feelings,...

Ride to the Stars
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The circle of life is one of life's greatest mysteries-our physical bodies are here so briefly when time is perceived as infinite. The loss of a loved one is tragic but with hope, healing and love comes an understanding of how a life is truly infinite as well. Writer and educator Suzanne Gene Courtney's Ride to the Stars paints a beautiful and inspiring picture through which children can understand these concepts and find comfort in knowing that life on the other side continues. Courtney's...

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts: A Family & The Power of Intuition
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Synopsis: Winner 14 Awards ─ Inspirational / Spiritual "A highly recommended, evocative read..." "Riveting." Explore the supernatural, angels, souls, miracles, the afterlife, heaven, the impact of intuition & prayer. This tantalizing novel percolates with subtle wisdom that can transform lives.

Youre Not The Only One... that has been hurt, violated, abused and has Overcome
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SynopsisHave you ever wondered why it seemed you're getting the bad end of the stick? It seems people around you are getting blessed while you are in a constant place of suffering. There are times you start to feel that you are the only one that is going through. Well I'm here to tell you that you are not not only one that has felt like that but you are not the only one that has been through some things. You're Not The Only One is a story of personal experiences that Alexia has been through....