Howdy y'all! I'm from Austin, Texas and LOVE WRITING FICTION!

Seriously though. I've written nearly every day for 10+ years. Once I got good enough to start publishing I couldn't help but share my stories with the world! I'm super proud of Interstellar Spring, but there's entirely new worlds coming soon, so stay tuned by checking out my website.

You might see me at comic or literary conventions, talking to fans about my books, or at a brewery, sipping beers and writing about them for Craft Beer Austin. I also love birding--in fact ecological volunteer work inspires much of what I write--and my books reflect this love of the natural world.

You can read more about my projects, life, and year in Japan where I was diagnosed with cancer (it's funnier than it sounds I promise) at

Also, sign up for my newsletter while you're there. That's where I announce giveaways and freebies and all that good stuff!

Thanks for reading and CHEERS!

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A Crown of Cobwebs - Epub J. Darris Mitchel, fiction, Austin,, Indie Lector, LLC, Authors, Authors Marketing International, marketing, international, books, reading, writing, contest, short story, author owned, indie, independent, bookstore, store
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Synopsis"A wild fantasy romp propelled by humor, horror, and heart." Kirkus ReviewsDo you take this dragon...?A halfling hooked on magic, a golem with a heart of gold, and a Gatekeeper’s thrall crash their best friend Adrianna’s wedding. She’s a spider princess being forced to marry a dragon.And if being married off for a floating castle wasn't enough, Adrianna must deal with a politically correct assassin, an undead organic farmer, the Vegan of Vengeance (yikes), and a literal storm of...