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Reflecting on a life filled with varied experiences, coupled with advanced education, James was inspired to become an author. His recent book “Slaughterhouse Rules” is an inspirational memoir about one man’s inspiring story that entails grit and self-actualization. From the age of 12, James worked on his family’s farm in rural Illinois. He spent most of his days performing tough physical labor as he helped harvest each year’s yield of soybeans and corn. After 13 years of rural living, which included 6 years working as a slaughterhouse laborer, James decided to leave and join the Navy. In the six years that followed, he refined his leadership style and, informed by his earlier experiences on the farm, developed a set of core rules that he lives his life by: accountability, integrity, resilience, respect, and trust. These values are the foundation for his memoir-based inspirational book Slaughterhouse Rules. More broadly, they were and continue to be the foundation for how James conducts himself in his personal and professional life. The book takes the reader on a journey that touches the reader’s heart, invigorates inner passions, and enlightens the spirit. Above and beyond being an author, James is a business entrepreneur, cybersecurity professional, SAG/AFTRA actor, US Navy Veteran, and most importantly a keystone for his family.

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SynopsisFrom a poverty-level mindset and with limited personal expectations, to a life filled with joy and abundance, this is one man’s inspiring story of grit and self-actualization. James Myers takes you on a journey that touches your heart, invigorates your inner passions, and enlightens your spirit. The result is a book that openly discusses how Myers successfully escaped a life perceived with little or no future. As a laborer in a small independent slaughterhouse, he codifies five key...