James Valentino is a graduate of Clear Creek High School in League City, Texas, born and raised three blocks from the shore of Galveston Bay. He spent many years on that very same bay as a commercial fisherman as captain of the John Alvin and Ruffian as well as seafood wholesaler, selling oysters and shrimp to processors in Texas and elsewhere. In 2007 he returned to a lost but not forgotten love, history, when she called him to her bosom. Mr. Valentino completed his Master’s Degree in 2011 and since has taught American History at three community colleges in the Houston-Galveston area. Professor Valentino has written three self-published works. Two are strictly history driven, though one is a book of nine tales of life on Galveston Bay, several of which were handed down from his father. He now lives in Bayview, Texas with his wife Kelly, daughter Reagan, and loyal Welsh corgi Cedric.

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Looking Over the Gray-Green Bay
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SynopsisLooking over the Gray-Green Bay is a collection of nine intimate stories about Galveston Bay. James Valentino is a former third generation fisherman that changed his occupation to historian but remains interested in the past of one of America's great natural treasures. Several of the tales were passed down from father to son, while others involve little know accounts of pirates, cannibals, and early travelers. Readers will enjoy these accounts of life, death, and mystery on an inland...

The Life and Letters of Lucy Parker Shaw
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SynopsisThis book is a spellbinding collection of letters from Lucy Parker Shaw, an immigrant to Galveston Texas in 1838 to her mother in Eastport, Maine. They cover the years from 1838 to 1850. Topics in the letters range from family matters to political, economic, medical, and notable historical figures. The reader will feel her life slowly come alive and the times in which she lived will be revealed in startling detail. A Forward prepare the reader for her family's arrival in Galveston and...