Julian Novak, Play write, Songwriter and actor has taken strictly to the page. His pen name derived from his initials, JN, and Julian from the character Julian Marsh in 42nd Street and Novak from the beautiful actress Kim Novak, as well as Mae West lover, body guard with the same last name.

It just sounded more Broadway and that is where he hopes to have three plays three years from now.

At age 50 his first 5 musicals on stage and two more seasons of regional theater in in the south now in his early 70's published his first book and somewhat his memoirs in London with Austin Macaulley, "Men In the Chorus", an inspired work by Boys in the Band with a kinder and possibly deeper meaning to him, filled with camp and surprises and an original show tune.

One more in the works in London is "Tina Lake is alive and doing well in the Vieux Carre' " Hope to be out in book form by Fall, 2020.

The Red Flag is the latest in the lineup on his desk as well at 2 children's books about 5 more stage plays, "Musically Insane" due out in September for a Houston, Texas Producer for a stage presentation as well as 2 songs requested by a Houston recording artist.

Please remember his name, J U L I A N N O V A K

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Men in the Chorus
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SynopsisMen in the Chorus is a rare mix of fantasy and memoir inspired by Boys in the Band. This is a stage play with a unique approach to share life events by juggling the names and places just enough to protect others but still confessing all. A play to entertain while considering the gravity of the actions and mistakes of the main character, Julian Novak. The innocence and not knowing when to say 'no' can have a long-reaching and profound effect on our lives and the lives of others. Some...

Tina Lake Is Alive and Doing Well in the Vieux Carré
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SynopsisImagine a shy young man working for The Mob with a boss who is less than honourable and he is unfortunate enough to be in the next room when his boss is eliminated. Sharp enough to know that he must go on the lam, drop out of sight and live an invisible life. Well, our creative young man, with heart pounding, follows his instincts and follows his true dream to perform torch songs on stage in the heart of New Orleans. His new identity is Tina Lake. He must have seen Tiffany Jones...