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    Marshall Morris is a unique young man who bounces from one bizarre predicament to another. He is on the football squad as a senior at Justice High in south Texas. The team is expected to have an awesome season. Unfortunately, coach Warren Wilson, decided long ago that Marshall will never amount to much and hardly ever lets him play. The coach is a a bully, who has favorites but no time for hard working kids of average ability. When Marshall discovers the coach is getting an illegal cash kickback from a college booster, he sets out to expose the man’s treachery.Marshall gets himself into a series of oddball and amusing situations. His plans are complicated when his best friend, Graham Brown, falls for the coach’s daughter. Jennifer Wilson. The center of social life in Justice is Papa Juan’s, a local pizza joint where the pies are terrible, but the fun is max. Marshall’s many attempts to attract dates fail, until after some clumsy moves he hooks up with the brainiest girl in the senior class. An ugly incident at a beach party in Galveston with kids from bitter rival, Bayside High, increases eagerness for a huge showdown on the gridiron.In the final game Justice builds a big lead, and a perfect season is only minutes away. Suddenly, everything craters when the coach’s pet “star” running back quits on the team. Only seconds remain for Marshall and his friends to save the season. Do they succeed? Unfortunately, no one can save Coach Wilson.