Michael Serrapica was born in New York City and grew up in The Bronx. He graduated from Aviation High School in Queens, New York with a vocational diploma and Federal Aviation Administration Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Licenses. His career in aviation spanned 33 years with 2 major airlines in 3 major cities.

Although foregoing formal university, Mr. Serrapica has a diverse background of private school, as well as personal and experiential education in several fields. He has studied acting, advertising, broadcasting, marketing and radio and television performance and production at private schools in New York City. He studied management at Sears Roebuck and Company. He studied arbitration at The National Labor College in Maryland. He has worked as an actor and announcer in radio, television and film. During his airline career he served as a Shop Steward for the International Association of Machinists, and Local Vice-President and International Media Representative for the Transport Workers Union of America. He has also been, and still is, an activist, demonstrator and protester.

Mr. Serrapica’s knowledge and experience has given him a keen awareness of the power of the various methods of persuasion. In his recently published, first book, “Conned Conservatives and Led-on Liberals: You Think the Thoughts You Think are Yours? Think Again! ” he undertook a personal journey to understand how those methods are used to entice non-experts (like him) into acting against their own best interests. He shares what he learned from the experts, peer-to-peer, so that he (and you) can avoid being conned or led-on.

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Synopsis"Michael Serrapica's book is a great starting point for the average American today who finds himself confused over what he sees and hears about politics and government. What Serrapica has accomplished is to make sense for his readers the difference between fiction and fact. Conned Conservatives and Led-on Liberals is a book written for citizens by a citizen who cares about his country and wants the public to avoid being misled by partisans and ideologues." Dr. Robert Locander,...