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Synopsis When enough of the world comes at you, telling you you’re nothing, you believe. You become what you believe. You become until the pain of becoming is too great to bear. You constantly ask yourself: What if I don’t know the answer? What if I’m wrong? What if they know I’m wrong? What if they laugh? What if fearing failure makes you fail? You’re faced with a choice. To stay. Or to change. Or to end. If you’re lucky, enough love begins seeping through, lighting a path to change. This is...

In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story
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Synopsis "After a brutal evening trying to network amongst a conference hall of strangers, I wrote an email to my Jennifer: “It zapped my energy just trying to maintain such a façade. I describe myself lately as puny, timid, socially regressive - basically fragile. I’ve never prided myself as a social butterfly. But lately I feel more like a social wallflower, unable to hold even basic conversations let alone to strike up a discussion of any depth. Realizing the depressed tone of my letter and...

Slaughterhouse Rules: One Mans Success in Navigating Life, Hollywood and the Corporate World
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SynopsisFrom a poverty-level mindset and with limited personal expectations, to a life filled with joy and abundance, this is one man’s inspiring story of grit and self-actualization. James Myers takes you on a journey that touches your heart, invigorates your inner passions, and enlightens your spirit. The result is a book that openly discusses how Myers successfully escaped a life perceived with little or no future. As a laborer in a small independent slaughterhouse, he codifies five key...

What the World Needs Now!: Healing Trauma in Ourselves and Our Children
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SynopsisIn this award-winning book, the reader learns how our nation and world have become a pressure-cooker of unhealedtrauma. People with post-traumatic stress re-create their trauma with others, such as our children. Then they avoid addressing the cause of the ensuing effects. This book offers fresh information about recognizing trauma and the traumatized. With this awareness, readers can withdraw their participation in this passing on of pain. They can make otherchoices, such as helping...

Widows 30 Day Journal: A Place to Share Your Thoughts With God
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SynopsisSometimes we just need a place to be ourselves. Especially when we’ve reached a rough place in our journey on the road called "Life." Picking up our pen and writing about it can be healing… That’s the purpose of The 30 Day Widows Journal. It’s simply a place where you can let your hair down, grab a cup of tea, send God an invitation to join you and be your authentic self.