Richard Jacobs graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1954, with a degree in business. He earned Phi Beta Kappa and other honors. After military service and a career in the life insurance business, he graduated from Stetson University College of Law in 1967, Magna Cum Laude, first in his class. He was admitted to practice in June 1967, after achieving the high score on the March 1967 Florida Bar examination. As a practicing lawyer, he attained an Av rating and was included in Best Lawyers in America. He is also a member of Stetson University College of Law’s Hall of Fame. After more than five decades practicing business law, he “mostly retired” in 2013; and, in 2014, wrote Wonderlust, the stories of the lessons learned in his trekking the seven continents.

His civic activities have included his being chairman and trustee of his community hospital and arts center and serving as a trustee of his law school and other educational institutions. Motivated by the lessons learned in his travels, he also devoted his attention to environmental, sea-level rise, and global warming issues, as a writer, speaker, and a lawyer, working particularly close with Our Children’s Trust and Stetson College of Law. Democracy of Dollars grew out of his experiences in being thwarted in problem-solving environmental issues by government inaction when action is needed.

A lawyer by training, a photographer by passion, he has been fortunate to have trekked and photo'd on the seven continents — and those experiences have shaped his life and understanding the nature of our responsibilities for the care of each other and our earth, the only home we will ever have.

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SynopsisAmerica’s Democracy of Dollars is about a “legal” problem we have today in America. But it is not a law book written for lawyers. Nor is it a political book, taking sides with either conservatives or progressives. It is a book written for us Americans, to aid us in understanding a problem that affects each of us so each of us can chose to do something about it.It is also a book about context, not theory. What is the context of our times?As a society we have morphed from a Democracy of...