Rick Wilcox was born in the Detroit, Michigan area (Ferndale). He graduated from Adrian College with majors in business and accounting. After graduation he was drafted by the U.S. Army. After basic training and army administration training, he was transferred to his assignment at Goppingen, Germany. During his transit to Germany he married his Adrian College Sweetheart near Christmas. She was one year behind Rick at Adrian College. When she graduated the following morning, she was on a plane to London, England where she and Rick started their marriage life together. They were able to get a lot of three- and four-day’s weekend passes and the entire month of June 1965 for traveling all over Western Europe. Their opportunity for traveling included all of Western Europe except for Sweden, Norway and Portugal. They also drove across East Germany wearing his Army uniform during 1965. They also walked into East Berlin. They also spent a lot of time with members of a German family

After Rick’s army time he and his wife settled down in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Rick’s career was all accounting related. They lived five years in Kalamazoo before being transferred to Houston, Texas. Currently Rick is retired and resides in Kingwood, Texas.

Rick has written several editorials for a hobby magazine. He also encouraged his father, Harold B. Wilcox to write his amazing life story. He was a leader and accomplished a lot during his life, which includes coaching high school basketball and track, teaching, organizing night adult educations and winning two elections for city commissioner. He was very active locally and nationwide in education. He also experiences the Great Depression. I encouraged him to write his story as he had newspapers articles in reference to him and a good memory. He agreed and wrote his story over 40 years ago. He was born during 1899 in a poor family of ten. Volume one is his story. His story is amazing.

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Two Generations-Visions of Life, Volume 1
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Synopsis: Harold Wilcox was born during 1899 and grew up in a small village in Michigan. The family of 10 lived in a small two bedroom house lacking plumbing and electricity. There wasn’t enough money to satisfy the eight children to their wants. They had to create activities to entertain themselves. They were taught that they had to earn money to buy what they wanted such as a bike. Music for the family was an entertainment during Sunday nights. The family would gather around the piano during...

Two Generations-Visions of life, volume 2
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Synopsis:Volume two is my (Rick) autobiography. I was born during 1940 during an era of little crime and house’s outside doors were never locked. There were no school buses and kids could stay after school and used the playground for activities The Children’s mothers were not concern as they knew eventually they would be home for supper. I graduated from Adrian College, a private college in south-east Michigan. I met my wife at a college dance during her first week of college. At this time I...