Robert W. Pietzsch, author of Troman, graduated from Baylor University, was in the Navy during the Vietnam War, and retired from M&M Mars the candy company. He was on the team that developed Wild Berry and Tropical Skittles. Robert has traveled extensively and lived in Mexico and Belize while developing the idea of this novel. Robert fell in love with the Mayan culture and folklore and was intrigued by the idea of weaving together extraterrestrial beings, beings of a new evolution, spiritual beings, and cryptozoological beings into one epic tale. He currently lives in Galveston, Texas and loves to fish.

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SynopsisIt’s been sixty-five-million years since dinosaurs roamed the earth—since the massive incident that brought them to the point of extinction. But what if, beyond all odds, one single dinosaur species managed to make it out alive? For Jason, Jessie, and Wendy, three students enjoying a trip to Mexico, the idea would have seemed impossible once upon a time. But now, face to face with an unfamiliar creature, half-human and half-reptile, the teens are about to be introduced to a whole new...