Born in Kansas and raised as a military child, Roxanne Gail Hodge is a vintage soul with a honest abundance of empathy. She possesses wisdom based on vast experience. Her walk with the Lord, has been her solace through many life changing crises. She learned to thrive after surviving the worst of events. Roxanne has two daughters, and four grandchildren who reside in Texas. Her passions are writing thrillers, poetry, short stories, reading, retrospection, and painting.

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The Long Road Back
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SynopsisMonique, CIA agent is in a coma from a serious accident. Her subconscious creates an alternate reality in which surprising characters assist her as she seeks clues to her identity. Tests reveal something more sinister than a car accident but in the middle of the police investigation the CIA confiscates the collected evidence. Independent probes by various agencies lead to one person, Connor and his involvement with a terrorist group. Monique, after a miraculous recovery employs her...

Thistles and Blossoms
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Synopsis Thistles & Blossoms takes you on a journey of heartache and triumph, not unlike a seedling. The Seed is planted. Sun and rain surround the seedling as it pushes and strains towards the surface, away from the oppression of darkness. The journey is not without setbacks and challenges as the seedling chooses to avoid obstacles or presses through. Anguish and adversities of the trip leave blemishes and scars on the delicately forming petals. During the journey, experiences are gathered...