Sal (also known as Spiritwalker) spent most of her first 27 years of professional life as a social worker and psychotherapist in private practice. Then things changed.

After a surgery in 2005, Sal realized she had more than 36 different food allergies. Western Medicine’s answer was to avoid the foods. A year and a half of mostly peanut butter and honey, on rice cakes, was enough.

Sal had always been open to more alternative ways of doing things so that’s where she looked for something better. She found the book, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, which led her to PSYCH-K®, whose energetic and spiritual change processes create, “balance” and transform subconscious beliefs that affect the “reality” of our lives.

Sal completed the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K® Workshops in 2007 and added PSYCH-K® to her practice. It worked great! She became a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor in 2009, teaching 16 Basic Workshops before concluding her time as an Instructor in December, 2012, to focus on writing and channeling.

All of Sal’s food allergies are gone and so many other things have changed. Plus, Sal’s immersion into PSYCH-K® opened the channeling abilities she’d been told she had.

Sal’s channeling began in March, 2009. (For lots more detail, see Book 1, New Awareness From Seth and Others, published in February, 2019 and/or our website,

It soon became clear, Sal was being guided to write the New Awareness Series—a collaboration of many consciousnesses, including Seth, Bartholomew, Abraham and so far, over 30 Others. Their purpose: to help create personal transformation, a more kind, loving and respectful world, and ultimately, world consciousness change. Seth and Others have chosen Sal to be their “conduit” to the world for this purpose.

Sal closed her regular psychotherapy practice in 2011 to facilitate only PSYCH-K® and channeling sessions.

The consciousnesses began calling Sal “Spiritwalker” in July, 2012 and directed her to legally change her name to Spiritwalker Risinger in October, 2021. For now, Books 1 & 2 are still authored by “Sal Risinger, MSW”. The author names will be changed when “indicated” by the consciousnesses.

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New Awareness from Seth and Others
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A channeled book and memoir. Book 1 in the New Awareness Series includes how Sal’s channeling developed, how she met the different consciousnesses and how she used the messages to change her life. Plus, all kinds of channeled messages about all kinds of things, like the comings and goings of loved ones. The “Teachings and Learning” section (among others) uses real-life stories to illustrate the intent of the channeled messages. Part 1 of Book 1 is all channeled messages, which are in the book,...

New Awareness from Seth and Others: Individuals and Communities
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A channeled book and memoir. Book 2, in the New Awareness Series, continues and deepens the story of Book 1.  A prominent theme (though, not the only one) in Book 2 is the connection between ‘19’ (what the consciousnesses call the ‘virus’) and World Consciousness Change, a profound restructuring of our world spurred by the vibrational change of the Earth, and our wishes for a more cooperative, peaceful and equal world. As was with our first Book, Part 1 of Book 2 is all channeled...