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SynopsisRich Allan, an Army Veteran, spins a funny coming-of-age story (DRAFTED) about nineteen-year-old college student Eli J. Jones, who is illegally drafted in 1966, during the life-threatening era of Vietnam. Eli fights to prove his innocence but finds himself being pushed daily down a path to a place he doesn't want to go. Despite his mantra of ā€œIā€™m not supposed to be here,ā€ Eli adapts, making many new friends, such as Harry, Tex, Steve, the Professor, Sam and lovely Nurse Sara. They help...

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SynopsisScott Harold grew up believing his father died in the war, but when his mother is murdered, he and his feisty girlfriend, Jessie, begin a dangerous journey to uncover the truth. Skirt-chasing President Walter Kendall is fighting to win a second term and cannot afford another scandal. His blond trophy wife, Gloria, hates his indiscretions but believes a baby will save their marriage. Stuttering Frank Tate, abused as a child, spent his childhood in "The Maze," a psychiatric institution...