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Quiet Rhymes
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SynopsisQuiet Rhymes is a book of poems that is designed for everyone. It is a mixture of prose and rhyming poems. Some of the poems are serious and some of them are so funny that you will find yourself laughing all the way through the verses as you read them. Some tell short fiction stories while others get right to the point. There is certainly something in this book of poems for everyone.

The Boy Who Hated Being Black
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Synopsis This is a tall fable about two young boys who grew up in the South. They were identical twins, but even though they were idential, everyone could tell them apart. "But how is that possible ?" You ask. Well, I'm so happy that you asked that question, because the reason is very simple. One boy had an olive tone skin color, as beautiful as the rising sun. The other boy also had a beautiful skin tone, a smooth dark color, almost as black as mid-night, and his name was Sunny. One day Sunny...