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    Socialite and philanthropist Elizabeth Hartman Richardson wants to start a new life after divorcing her husband when he's arrested for using the family restaurants to money launder illegal gambling receipts. The FBI suspects her of knowing about the crime and many in Fort Worth lose trust in her ability to be an effective fundraiser. Taking her college age daughter and pup with her, Liz drives to Red River, New Mexico to spend the summer at her family's cabin, hoping to find solace. When danger follows, she turns for help to local law enforcement, surprised to discover the town marshal is Matt Thornton her former high school sweetheart. Matt moved to Red River to escape Dallas murders that took his partner's life. While trying to keep Liz and her daughter safe, he fights the attraction he still feels for her. Can they possibly find a second chance at love? Will he be able to protect Liz when he'd been unable to protect his partner?