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    Willowmena, the Girl With the Pure Heart, came from the Land of Bleak, an endlessly dreary plain of land where nothing grew and no one flourished. Souls that found themselves in Bleak were lost indeed, trudging ceaselessly, shoulders bent into the relentless wind, trying to find their way in a land seemingly without direction. Yet it was there that Willowmena found a rare circle of friends – a red-eyed rhinoceros, a fairy with a broken wing, and a silent prince. With their friendship, she became the Light Bearer of Bleak, helping lost souls find their way home.Now, a year later Willowmena has fulfilled the prophecy using the glowing magical Horn of the great rhinoceros Gore, who died at the hands of the evil Miner of the Dark Pass. Now it is time for her to face her greatest challenge yet, uncovering the secrets in her own family and putting them to rest at last.