Tricia Draper lives in Decatur, Texas with her loving husband, Marcus, and teenage son, Logan. She and Marcus got married on September 4, 1999, after a whirlwind romance. They have been happily raising their God given miracle, Logan, since June, 2000. They love to play games and have “pizza and a movie night” on Fridays with Tricia’s parents. God has truly blessed them.

he loves working Part-Time in a local fresh market store. She enjoys her customers and getting to know them. She also volunteers on at the local hospital and loves helping the patients there. She enjoys Contemporary Christian music. She writes down in a journal words God gives her, not only for herself, but also for others. This is the basis for her newest book.

She has three previous books, Angels Among Us, Bobby Bear Learns to be a Cowboy, and Hope after Grief. She is active in her local church, The Father’s House, where she and Marcus have led Bible studies and classes. Tricia is one half of The Messengers; a Ministry she and Marcus have together. Check out The Messengers page for more information, She has a certificate from The Institute of Children’s Literature. Her genres include children’s picture books, fiction for young adults, adult inspiration, and women’s issues.

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Angels Among Us
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"Angels Among Us" is a unique look at five people's lives. You are allowed to see the details invisible in everyday life. You see why bad things are allowed to happen, and why things you think are the best may not always be. "Missing Pieces" shows how a young woman's plans changed in the blink of an eye. "Among the Nations" reveals how faith and courage can get you through any situation. The difference between hearing and listening is shown in "And the Deaf Shall Hear." A mother's faithful...

Bobby Bear Learns to be a Cowboy
Price: $15.97
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Read along as Bobby Bear learns what it means to be a cowboy! Charmingly illustrated in full color.

Hope After Grief
Price: $19.99
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The Girlfriends Guide to Grief Overview "My loved one just died. What do I do now?" "My friend just lost her husband. What should I say to her?" "My husband just left me. How should I feel?" The Girlfriends Guide to Grief answers these questions and more. This book helps guide you through this time in your life. It also shows such things as: Feelings even your best friend can't understand What not to say to a grieving woman Feelings you don't even know you have How to help your loved ones help...

Ok, God, Lets Start from Here
Price: $14.95
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Have you ever wondered what God is saying to you? Do you have questions you would like answered? In this book, God answers such questions about how to trust, praise and listen to Him. God chose you specifically and wants you to have a deep personal relationship with Him. He has a special purpose for your life. You may be at a point in your relationship with God that you feel you have messed up and completely ruined everything you had, or you may feel that you are simply unworthy. When we feel...