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A Day With The Old Folks: Verdun, 1916
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SynopsisWhat is the face of combat like? A Day with the Old Folks shows what it was like to fight in the longest battle of World War 1: Verdun for just one 24 hour period. The Old Folks is a group of four German soldiers who have been together for nearly a year and have managed to survive longer than any squad in their company. The replacements that filled out their squad of eight have come and gone at an alarming rate yet these four have dodged death, wounds or capture. The rest of company is...

The War Has Ended but the Memory Lingers On
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Synopsis: This fascinating tale of living under German occupation during World War II is told from the unique perspective of a Dutch secret agent. Highlighted by high drama, it is an epic story of life and conflict in the presence of an oppressive enemy. The anti-German struggle in the Netherlands was centered on sabotage requiring stealth and cunning. The reality of war forced many to choose between helping with the resistance, going into hiding, or leaving the country. ...

Wars Without End, Battles Without Winners: France to Petrograd March 1918 - December 1920
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Synopsis If the Great War had not occurred during those fateful years of 1914-1918, four people from very different walks of life probably would have never crossed paths. An impoverished Silesian Junker, a biergaten server from Essen, and two laborers from Pomerania were thrown together amid the fields of slaughter in northern France in March 1918. From then on their lives seemed to be intertwined, meshed to cross in Silesia amid the German Civil War, in Latvia with the Freikorps, and then in...